Alliance is the first group that packages industry’s most elite staffs/engineers from Knit,Woven, Printing and Garment at your services.

Our work begin from raw material development, texture design, and technical treatment to ensure our performance products fulfill each demand.

We value product quality as much as you service each customers walks in your store.

Mill Direct Business Model saves up all the cost going through middle-man and all the saving reflect to our clients.



•Knitting Facilities-600,000kg/Month

•Dyeing Facilities-600,000kg/Month

•Sanding Finishing Facilities-400,000kg/Month

•Heat Transfer Prints Facilities-100,000Yd/Month


Colour Labortory

•Data Colour

•Greg Macbeth Light Box

•Water-Free Lab Dipping Machine

•Automatic Lab Dip Dispenser

Testing Labortory

•Colorfastness to Wash (AATCC61 2A)

•Colorfastness to Water (AATCC 107)

•Colorfastness to Perspiration (AATCC 15)

•Colorfastness to Crocking (AATCC 8)

•Dimension Stability (AATCC 135)

•Skewness (AATCC 179)

•PH Value (AATCC 81)

•Anti-Pilling (ASTMD 3512)

•Vertical Wicking (PF3-2011)